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Because not every hero can grow up to be a white dude

We Make Comic Portraits Celebrating Diversity

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We’re here to show young girls, kids of colors, and anyone who feels left out that they can be heroes too.

We create comic portraits of real fans from diverse backgrounds.  

We want to interview them and their parents, find out their story, and illustrate them as their favorite characters, because not every hero can grow up to be a white dude.

Our Comics

Want a hero for your son or daughter?

Our comics are based on real kids.  If you want to see your child as a member of the Preheroics, shoot us your email!
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How to support us

Are you interested in lending a hand?  Awesome!  But don't feel any pressure.  I've got a pen, paper, and a cheap apartment.  I can survive on those things.  But if you're still interested in helping out, you can support us here.  You can read about our big dreams and goals for Preheroics.

And you can also support my "Eat an entire pizza in one sitting every Friday night while watching Thor: Ragnarok on repeat" habit.

Hey, we've all got addictions.