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Paddy Power Forced to Pull Offensive Oscar Pistorius Ad by Ad Authority

Paddy P<span id="more-6019"></span>ower Forced to Pull Offensive Oscar Pistorius Ad by Ad Authority

After having a record range complaints, a Paddy Power ad that featured alleged murderer Oscar Pistorius will be pulled.

After fielding accurate documentation 5,200 complaints, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has been forced to pull an offensive ad from its UK publications, because well as being investigated by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ad which many felt at best trivialized the current and ongoing murder test of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, and at worst exploited it for profit was ordered down earlier this week by the ASA after being inundated with input from horrified citizens.

Making Light of Pistorius Murder Trial

The printing advertising which had starred in the UK press recently, as well as regarding the Paddy energy internet site and social networking feeds offered odds on the outcome of the trial stating:


Pistorius’ face appeared photoshopped onto an Oscar statuette a mention of the recently aired Academy Awards, which were held in Los Angeles due to the fact murder trial got underway in South Africa. According to over 122,000 signatories of an online petition, however, Pistorius’ girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s alleged murder in February 2013 at the arms of her boyfriend should not be any matter that is laughing.

‘a woman that is young been killed,’ said Jean Hatchet, organizer of the petition. ‘There is no doubt he designed to kill her.’ The Paddy energy ad, she says, is ‘an incredibly awful, callous thing. that she was killed by this man, whether or not’

It was said by the ASA would publish its findings and proffer any sanctions in due course. Meanwhile, the business was clear in its disdain for the message.

‘We consider the ad may be seriously prejudicial to the public that is general the ground regarding the likely further serious and/or widespread offence it may cause,’ noted an ASA-issued statement that had been released by the middle of week. ‘we have been also concerned that the reputation that is good of advertising industry may be further damaged by continued publication of this advertisement.’

Paddy Power noted that the print campaign was just meant to operate in conjunction with last week’s Oscars anyway, and claimed it only ran once in A uk paper sunday. Although the ASA stated the Ireland-based business’s site had been away from its jurisdiction, a look at the site by late this week showed no trace of the ad whatsoever, nor any mention of its presence ever. A search associated with the business’s web site’s betting options also revealed no matches for the word ‘Pistorius,’ though whether that indicates the bet is off is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps Not the First Offensive Ad from Paddy Energy

Paddy energy with a reputation for this sort of risqué strategy remained defiant, but seemed to fully miss the moral dimension, telling media: ‘Trial wagering generally speaking isn’t a common event, but there’s certainly nothing new about gambling on the results of the absolute most high-profile court instances and they don’t come any more high-profile than this. Given the rolling coverage of this trial, pretty much everyone will be referring to it and speculating on the verdict. We’re therefore anticipating a number of our customers to wish to place their money where their lips is.’

Hatchet has requested that the profits made from the Pistorius bet should be donated to ladies’ charities, to which Paddy Power retorted: ‘We’re offering gambling on the upshot of an effort. It is about whether Pistorius will likely be found responsible or otherwise not guilty, it is not a gambling market on domestic violence.’

It’s far from initial of numerous Paddy Power campaigns that deliberately seeks to court controversy.

The business was when forced to pull billboard posters that showed Jesus and the Apostles gambling during the Last Supper. And this season, A tv spot that showed a blind soccer player throwing a cat into a tree was the most complained about spot regarding the 12 months. The choice was additionally made to pull another TV spot that featured transvestites at a battle meet, and invited its customers to ‘spot the stallions among the mares’.

Of course, Paddy Power has achieved its real objective once more: to force its brand name into the papers and acquire people talking about its advertising campaigns. But, at a time when politicians in the united kingdom are questioning the level of gambling ads on tv which they say can simply be looked at by minors, that is publicity that the gambling industry could probably do without.

Night Junior Middleweight Champ Molina Jailed Before MGM Garden Fight

Current IBF Junior Middleweight champ Carlos Molina during the MGM Grand Garden Arena straight back on Sept. 14, 2013. Molina is hoping to be released in time for Saturday’s match against undefeated Jermall Charlo. (Image: Mark Hundley/Las Las Vegas Sun)

UPDATE March 8, 2014: Carlos Molina was not released from Clark County Detention Center on Friday, while the Saturday MGM Grand Garden Arena fight was terminated. It appears the reason that is primary because theoretically Molina is known as an illegal alien and was wanted by immigration officials, despite having lived in the U.S. since age four.

‘He’s not leaving jail to fight, and now we don’t understand when he is getting out,’ said Warriors Boxing promoter Leon Margules within an ESPN interview. ‘It’s because of his immigration status. He’s an unlawful alien.’


It is a development that has promoters and bookmakers chewing through their nails: Carlos ‘King’ Molina’s scheduled defense of their IBF junior middleweight world title fight at the MGM Grand Garden Saturday against undefeated opponent Jermall Charlo might not go ahead because Molina was nevertheless in jail awaiting launch as we went to press on Friday’s weigh-in time.

Arrested on Outstanding Warrants

Molina was arrested soon after his press conference at the MGM Grand earlier in the week on a warrant that is fugitive stemming from a 2007 parole violation for a deep failing to register as a sex offender. In 2002, he was convicted of second-degree assault on a minor in Outgamie, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, it has also emerged that Appleton, Wisconsin police have conduct that is disorderly out for him, dating back again to 2005.

On Thursday morning, Clark County prosecutor Bart Pace consented to set Molina’s bail at $10,000 with the agreement of Wisconsin authorities; nonetheless, as Molina’s representatives scrambled to secure their launch with time for the bout against challenger Jermall Charlo, he still has to clear an immigration hold (he had been born in Mexico, but has lived in the US since age four), and currently remains in Clark County Detention Center Las Las vegas’ main holding lockdown for bad boys.

Molina’s promoter, Leon Margules, said: ‘We made an agreement with Wisconsin for the fighter’s release in the sex offender registration violation. The immigration problem is more complicated. We’m still searching for exactly why Carlos is being held. Saturday i’m hopeful we can get it resolved, get him released and get him in the ring. He told me he’s supporting well, but he wants to have out and he wants to fight Saturday.’

Monday Hearing Puts Fight in Doubt

While authorities initially said they expected the boxer to be released in time for the battle, the undeniable fact that records show that his next hearing has been set for this coming Monday throws that into doubt.

At a press conference on Thursday, Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, stayed upbeat: ‘I’m waiting to hear from Molina’s people,’ he said. ‘They’re handling all of Molina’s issues. We need not create a decision regarding the battle until the weigh-in (Friday). But I am aware Carlos wishes to fight. He’s very anxious to get in the ring and he’s really fired up.’

However, Schaefer revealed that, should they don’t spring the miscreant champ from his jail cellular, he possesses back-up plan: ‘Just in case, this is for the pay-per-view audience to understand … then we’d, of course, have actually the luxury of moving up Ricardo Alvarez against Thompson to your pay-per-view card. if that fight does not happen,’

While watchers may be covered regardless, it’s a total headache for the bookmakers, obviously: collectively, huge amount of money in wagers move across their fingers on big Vegas battle nights and really should this bout fail to materialize those bets could have become returned.

Meanwhile, Molina’s opponent is attempting to keep a head that is clear ‘When I first heard it, I didn’t think it,’ said Charlo. ‘I thought my trainer [Ronnie Shields] was kidding. But I’m going to keep doing everything the same way as if we are going to fight. I’m going to stay concentrated. I want to stay in shape. I’m not likely to be distracted.’

Downtown Grand Sued When Man Loses $500K in Alleged Blackout State

52-year-old Mark Johnston from l . a . is suing the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas, after losing $500K wagering on Super Bowl weekend. Johnston claims he had been blacked out and did not know what he had been doing. (Image: CNN)

Did you have a Super that is rough Bowl, wagering-wise? Perhaps you bet in the Broncos, or possibly the blowout took all of the life out of your Super Bowl party. Whatever the case might be, chances are you didn’t have the type of issues faced by one serious gambler in Las Vegas, who claims he lost $500,000 over that weekend he was doing while he was far too inebriated to know what.

Blackout Drunk Continued to Wager

That man 52-year-old Mark Johnston, from Los Angeles says that the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas’ Fremont Street area allowed him to gamble while he was clearly drunk; blackout drunk, based on his own assessment. That lead to him losing half a million dollars at the pai gow and blackjack tables.

‘I feel they picked my pouches,’ said Johnston, a retiree from Ca. ‘we feel you reach in his pockets and grab all his money like they took a drunk guy…like a drunk guy walking down the street, and.

‘I am not a sore loser. I have lost half a million. I have lost 800,000. I’ve lost a complete lot of money. This has nothing to do with that. Obviously we are able to afford what I lost,’ said Johnston, who however refuses to classify himself as a ‘whale’ the industry term for the high-roller.

Johnston previously owned A southern california dealership, and now owns a Mercedes-Benz worth $250,000; making his modesty regarding his gambling status a tad disingenuous.

He has not blacked out previously, he also claims to have been served 20-30 drinks, making one wonder how he can remember that, but not his gambling play per se although he claims. Nevertheless the rich are not richer than our company is because they don’t learn how to play hardball, and Johnston is not any exception to that rule; he seems happy to try out the victim card in this scenario.

‘This is about you very nearly killing me personally. What in me, and I threw up on myself and I choked and died?’ Johnston said, with a dramatic flair that we can only admire from afar if I had gone to bed that night, with all those drinks. That being said, even he fesses up to having had as 10 drinks while planing a trip to Vegas and in the limo before he even hit the video gaming floor.

‘ My duty is, look, I’d some products during the airport, on the plane. At some true point, that is my responsibility,’ the gambler said. ‘The unfortunate component about it for them is, they’ve a bigger responsibility than i actually do.’

In accordance with Johnston’s attorney Sean Lyttle, The Grand is countersuing in an attempt to collect his client’s debts; although other media sources have actually reported that the casino has agreed to settle at a 20 percent discount $400K but that Johnston refuses to go that route. Meanwhile, Johnston has placed a stop-payment order in the debt payments The Grand was trying to collect, and is particularly suing them for damaging their reputation.

Nevada Law Puts Onus on Casinos

It turns out that per Nevada law casinos are, in fact, banned from allowing gamblers that are visibly drunk continuing to wager cash. They are also expected to take off the drinks that are free they can inform some one has had one too many. The grey area here are who determines what comprises just how many, and in what criteria. After all, if Johnston surely could place wagers also in a blackout state, he might be in as he claims how was the casino to know what impaired state?

However, regulatory authorities are taking the situation quite really. So whilst The Grand will not comment on pending litigation, Nevada’s Gaming Control Board is apparently investigating the case one that Lyttle says is quite uncommon.

‘It’s certainly a case that is extraordinary’ Lyttle said. ‘ This is not a story that I’ve ever heard before, where someone was blackout intoxicated where they could not read their cards, yet a casino continued to serve them drinks and issue them more markers. It’s an extremely heavy-handed and uncommon approach that we haven’t seen in this town in a long time.’

According to Johnston, he is a normal in Las Vegas and was invited to The Grand for Super Bowl weekend along with his girlfriend, though he mostly gambled by himself. Their lawsuit alleges that The Grand provided him dozens of free drinks that he didn’t realize how much he had lost until Sunday after he had already been drinking at dinner, and.

While Johnston lost big over Super Bowl weekend, he wasn’t the only person. With most of the public money regarding the Broncos, the Nevada sportsbooks won almost $20 million from gamblers regarding the NFL’s championship game this year after a record level of betting.

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