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He arrived over the very same, creepy man years later on

He arrived over the very same, creepy man years later on

“Can’t keep in mind much of it, many man therefore the whistler.

He started whistling a strange tune, only like 3 notes, in a repeating pattern when he was a boy with his mom there was some old man, and. Their mom freaked down plus they left, several years later on, i believe he stated he had been within the woods and heard it once more, and straight away went house.

Fast ahead to his adult years, several states away, him along with his gf had been at a 4th of July celebration, nevertheless they had been variety of alone far from everybody in the river bank. Girlfriend left to have some alcohol through the vehicle, after which somebody in a canoe arrived paddling down the river, whistling the actual tune that is same. Years later, around the world.

Someone had been needed and followed 10k to flee

“God we can’t think it is any longer, however it had been a photo that is grainy of males standing close to an automobile from extremely a long way away and was en en titled ‘I’m being followed how do I get 10,000 in per week” or something that way like that. He had been begging within the commentary for the real method to obtain cash and stated he previously not a red tube way to flee, and also the account simply went dead. Saw it as soon as and it also shot daggers up my spine. ” — TheOsttle

One user discovered key media that are social from Reddit users

“There had been some guy a few years back with a reddit name like ‘ifoundyou’ or something like that and so they would respond to redditors having a url with their Facebook pages or Instagram records. ” — RichardMaggio

A person ended up being residing inside of her walls and drugging her

“This one woman posted just just how some body had been staying in her walls and drugging her and cuddling her. It ended up being her landlord’s son. ” — BigDaddyMari

Numerous males were hiding inside of her college accommodation

“from the reading a post of a young girl that ended up being for a road journey thru the united states. As well as on certainly one of her stops when it comes to evening at an inexpensive resort in a tiny city, one thing didn’t feel right concerning the conversation using the clerk and soon after within the room she didn’t feel at ease.

Additionally, the sleep had bedbugs and thus she made a decision to rest inside her vehicle.

Through that evening, she woke as much as some noises and she saw the clerk plus some other dudes entering her space and shutting the doorway behind them. (don’t remember the numbers, but something such as 2 dudes enter the space, and few minute later on 3 guys emerge from it ) it seems that perhaps 1 man has hiding within the time she was at there.

The people arrived a check out the car where she managed to hid under her mount of dirty garments and windows that are partially tinted.

Reading that tale actually creep me away, and anger me personally, my bloodstream boiled thinking let’s say those guys wasn’t the time that is first that. What other victims are there any. ” — morphakun

A young child we actually knew was publishing about raping ladies

“Bit of a personal one I’m afraid, so throw away account, but i then found out a man that has been stalking me personally in school had been commenting on threads in what its prefer to away rape/how to get along with it etc. Afraid the crap away from me personally whenever buddy delivered me personally A facebook message with a web link to it and I saw their username plus some associated with the reviews he’d placed. Nevertheless terrifies us for this time, and it also ended up being like five years ago. ” — feelfreetopleaseme

A stalker posted random screenshots of this girl he had been obsessing over

“There ended up being this person on /r/legaladvice who was simply stalking an IGN worker and seeking suggestions about simple tips to be her buddy of course it absolutely was legal on her behalf to block him.

Their youtube ended up being chock packed with random snapchat screenshots of this woman.

He threatened committing suicide but had another account. I’ve no concept just just what took place to another account. ” — donillarytrumpton

A lady discovered a recorded video clip of by herself she had no memory of creating

“A woman gets anonymously emailed a video clip of by by herself being secretly recorded 3 years questions that are prior answering she doesn’t remember being asked. She posted the video clip but we have actuallyn’t had the opportunity to locate a mirror and she has been through and removed her account as well as the video clip. I really hope some body on the market has a mirror. ” — threwthelookinggrass

A guy ended up being gradually being poisoned by carbon monoxide

“Probably the guy whom thought his landlord ended up being making him records and Redditors remarked that he had been being poisoned by carbon monoxide. ” — theycallmemomo

Some body snapped pictures of him while he ended up being fast asleep

“Years ago somebody posted a remark (probably on r/creepy) about camping somewhere out in bumfuck backwoods of Canada. Stated camper ended up being film that is taking, and then buy them developed and find out that someone had taken his digital camera and taken pictures of him resting from far. Every image got closer in which he thought he’d been alone for several days. It’s been creeping me personally away since We read it. ” — intergalactic_sushi

A man’s stalker had been discovered dead when you look at the bottom of a canyon

“This is pretty very very long, I’ll make an effort to summarize. OP had a noisy couple residing above him; the man got hauled down to jail (DV) while the woman asked for OP’s number underneath the guise of security if the BF return.

Well, from after he moved…full blown batshit crazy with several arrests mixed in that she turned into a full-bore stalker, breaking into his apartment and surprising him virtually nude, propositioning both the OP and his GF, tracking OP down at his new apartment.

OP moves a few states away, things quiet down. Their now ex-GF associates him years later on, evidently batshit girl showed up at her work demanding information on OP and safety ended up being obligated to intervene.

A while from then on, she tracks straight down OP’s brother in college, more needs, gets dumped on the ass. Does not stop trying, turns up at brother’s job, gets beaten up by their female that is.

Sooner or later, we forget when, batshit additionally masquerades as her own specialist attempting to contact OP on Twitter. He ignores, needless to say.

Finally, batshit is available dead in the bottom of a something or canyon months following the reality. It’s scary as fuck what illness that is mental do in order to somebody. An encounter that is innocent almost 10 years of obsession. I’ll never forget that post; it didn’t get almost the eye it will have. ” — ATAlum

A guy pretending become your dog began scraping at her home

“This post we find out about a woman whom allow her dog out front side to get potty and she heard just just exactly what sounded like her dog scraping the door that is front making noises and she looked out her peep hole and saw a person on all fours pretending become your pet dog hoping to get into her house. ” — Dustinthewind_

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