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We have big goals
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We want to write full comic stories

We want to to tell the full stories of diverse people and their favorite heroes. When did you first walk into your local comic book shop? Who introduced you? What did that moment mean for you then? What does it mean for you now?

We believe that art can affect people.  A little bit cheesy, I know, but it's true.  We believe that if we can show children that their heroes look like them, talk like them, and live similar lives, then they will be inspired to join the geek community.

Our Process


Interview Real People

These are your stories. We want to talk to you. We want to know who introduced you to heroes. We want to know why you love that hero. We want to know what they mean to you.


Script & Draw

We will write a script and illustrate your story. We want each story to be 3-5 pages so we can create an anthology of stories for children of color to see that they are not alone.


Publish For free

We will publish all of these stories for free. We want to show the world that diverse people love heroes and that our heroes should be diverse. Because not every hero can grow up to be a white dude!

We need your help!

To achieve our longterm goals, we'll need to leave our day jobs. Again, our day jobs are fine enough. So don't feel pressured to support us. BUT... wouldn't it be awesome if we could be full time story-tellers and comic book creators? If you'd like to help us achieve our goal, please donate below. We're big believers in the future, so you'll find plenty of decentralized options. If you'd like to donate by a different method, just shoot us an email.
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How To Support Us

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Donate with Bitcoin

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