PREHEROICS #1: Lizzy Kim, 8 years old

Thanks for checking out the first issue of my webcomic, Preheroics. It’s been a long time in the making, with a ton of changes over the past few years, but the final version is here.

The premise is simple: I don’t think diversity is well represented in Geek Culture. Plenty of other smarter, more eloquent folks have written about this situation, so I’d hate to muddle the waters with my own piss poor explanation. But it’s pretty simple…

When an 8 year old kid, who loves superheroes, can’t find a single hero who looks like she does, then she feels a crummy about it.

That shouldn’t happen.

So starting today, we want to show kids of any background that they can be superheroes too.

Because not every superhero can grow up to be a white dude.